Aspen, Inc. Portable – On Demand – UV Light Disinfection Services

Aspen, Inc. was formed and incorporated in 1998. We specialize in mold remediation and specialty cleaning services. Please note that we started UV Disinfection and specialty cleaning services in 2013, long before this unfortunate Corona virus outbreak.

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No known microorganism is immune to UV-C light spectrum. UV lamps have been in use since ’70 in both drinking and waste water plants. They have more recently been used in hospitals and HVAC systems.

Our units were not tested by CDC (yet) but UV disinfection is recommended either as an alternative method, or in addition to standard sanitizing practices. We believe that it should be utilized in addition to standard cleaning and sanitizing practices whenever possible.

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UV Disinfection in OR, before and after the procedure.
Another OR UV Disinfection treatment. More UV units added upon request to intensify effectiveness. .
Post Recovery Room Disinfection.
Middle School Library.
Classroom disinfection with recommended Negative Air HEPA – Air Scrubbers. Fogging technique disinfection was implemented prior..

School Hallway.
The Gym.
The Gym #2
B&G Activity Room.
B&G Activity Room #2
Hospital Recovery Room.
Tiger Schulman’s Karate.
Tiger Schulman’s Karate #2
Day Care Center. HEPA Vacuuming & UV Light Disinfection made all the difference.
Computer Science Classroom. Disinfecting wipes can not possibly eliminate all of the germs/microbes and it’s simply time consuming.
Nurses Quarters.
Conference Center.
Hotel Room.

Residential Projects:

Residence UV Disinfection.
Living Room/Play Room.

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